How the Book of Jasher came down to us

The Journey - a Personal Story

Profile of a Righteous Gentile

Timeline of the Passover

The Fortieth Passover

The Fiction Of The Virgin Birth

Where is God - How Can You Know - The Sojourn of God in the Domain of Time

A Sensible Perspective on Noah's Flood

The Paiute Messiah

The Strange Phenomena of Cargo Cults

Ten Messiahs

So, Whatever Became Of The Canaanites?

And The Spirit Of God Moved Upon The Face Of The Waters

What Was (and Is) the Original Faith?

Adam's Rib - A Truly Amazing Story

An Outline Of The Talmud

Christmas - It's Not What It Seems

Mark Twain's War Prayer

The Divisions Of Judaism

Perkei Avos - The Key to the Oral Torah


Impressions Of A First Time Visitor To Israel:

Tel Aviv - Modern Israel

Zion Square - Social Center Of Jerusalem

The Old City  -  A Place Of Many Surprises

The Day I Went To Hell -

Hezekiah's Tunnel


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