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The Authentic Annals Of The Early Hebrews

also known as The Book Of Jasher

-2nd Edition-

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The enigmatic Book of Jasher (Sefer Hayashar in Hebrew) has been undergoing a renaissanse in our time.  Mentioned in Joshua 10:13 and II Sam. 1:17, it was thought by many Bible scholars to have been lost. It has been cloaked in obscurity, cloistered away for centuries, and sparsely published, but there have always been those who knew of it's existence.   It languished in the care of Hebrew scribes since the time of the destruction of the temple in the first century.  It awaited the time when the Jews began to have a degree of academic freedom in the 17th century.  By that time printing technology made it possible mass-print the book for the first time in history. 

Several works have existed by this title, but this volume has all the earmarks of the Book of Jasher mentioned in the Bible.  For a discussion about the controversy about this book, click here.   Rich in details, it provides insights into a number of biblical episodes that are otherwise unclear, covering the period from creation through Joshua.  It provides proper names and other important clues to establish links between biblical history and secular history, particularly the history of early Europe and Egypt.  It  flies in the face of traditional chronological relationships to Egyptian and European history.   For those bold enough re-examine the traditional concepts of ancient and biblical history, the Book of Jasher can be a gold mine of information. Anyone who is interested in the Bible will immediately recognize the value of the this book as a parallel text.

Our first edition was released in 1995 and it has since been read and enjoyed by thousands. This 2nd edition is finally released after 17 years of additional research. It is now a 2 volume set , greatly expanded and fully indexed, in a handier 6 x 9 format. 

Our edition includes important prefaces that tell the fascinating story of the survival of the book down to modern times.    Our first edition contained eight appedices that analyzed key passages in the book.   These original appendices have become chapters in Volume II, to which we have added 151 additional pages of material. The topics covered in Volume II are:

Is this the "Real" Book of Jasher?
New Verses discovered in the Hebrew text
Proof of the Antiquity of the Text

Who was Rikayon?
The Rape of the Sabines
Who was the Pharaoh of Joseph's Time?
Angeas - The King of Africa
Who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?
Was Moses a King of Egypt?
The Strange Creatures of Jasher.
The Story of Job
Notes on The table of Nations.
The Migrations of the tribes of Shem.

6 x 9 Quality Paperback.
Volume I - The Book of Jasher          430 pages  $25.00
Volume II - The Jasher Companion   254 pages  $20.00
2 Volume Set  -                                                    $39.00                                                   

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The King James Bible

The 1611 Edition


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Every Bible student is familiar with the King James Bible, right?  Don't be so sure until you have read this volume.  The traditional King James Bible that most of us have known is actually a 19th century revision of the original.  It was changed in more ways that you would imagine.   Now you can see the real thing.  The language was more archaic and the spelling was very different, but more importantly, the contents are different.  Bible students usually do not realize that the original King James Bible also contained the books of the Apocrypha, and it continued until well into the nineteenth century.


pages not numbered  6 x 9 Hardcover                                32.95

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NOAH  - Founder of Civilizations

by Wayne Simpson

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Everyone knows the story of Noah and the great flood. However, there is a missing dimension to the life of Noah.  He lived fully 350 years after the flood.  What was he doing all that time?

This book is fundamentally about the nation building work of Noah during that time, and about the early societies that sprang from his efforts. There has been virtually nothing of this kind published for 400 years.It is important because it establishes historical continuity from the time of Noah down to classical times, and consequently down to the present.  This work was last published in 1601 by Richard Lynche of London.  He drew his material from Annius of Vitterbe who wrote it in 1498. It was revolutionary at the time, but it has since then been challenged and villified, and eventually forgotten. Though controversial, it is a gripping and challenging story that deserves not to be forgotten.

                                                150 pages 6x9 quality paperback            $20.00

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