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The Englishman's Hebrew Concordance Of The Old Testament

By George V. Wigram

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Hebrew words are often translated into a number of English words.   When working with Strongs Concordance it is often necessary to chase back and forth from concordance to lexicon to run down all the places in scripture where a Hebrew word appears.  It can be frustrating and awkward, considering the size and weight of Strongs.  In this concordance, that is a thing of the past.  All the instances of a given Hebrew word occur in one convenient place for quick and easy lookup.  The concordance is supplemented by two handy indexes to allow you to look up the proper page  from either the English (KJV) word or the Hebrew word.  Yet every entry is also referenced to the Strong's numbering system.  You can use this volume by itself, or in conjunction with Strongs, but a handier and more thorough combination is to use it with the Brown- Driver - Briggs - Gesenius Hebrew English Lexicon listed below.  You do not need to read Hebrew to use this book.

The best part is that this book, though beefy,  is somewhat smaller and lighter than Strongs.  That makes it much less tiring to handle.

1689 pages Hardcover  9.5 x 7.5   &$36.95


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